Friday, May 1, 2015

What In The World ?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!! (Time Management)

      I feel like I'm digging myself into a pit so deep that survival is impractical. So far in the twenty percent project Jasmine and I have met twice and all I've learned is a miserable mass of nothing! I mean I have learned notes and I have learned the strings on the violin but I have yet to learn how to play a song on my violin. I have to know how to count, how to bow correctly, how to read the music and count at the same time, and how to finger the notes on my violin, how to pluck the strings the strings correctly, how to tune the violin correctly, perfect the hand position, learn major scales, possibly learn minor scales, get to know famous violinists, know famous pieces for violin, etc. (these plans may change in the future do to a lack or increase in progress).  None of these I know yet, but whence the lesson comes I shall share it with you. Another major issue that is occurring with our project is the lack of warm human blood that is a mentor! Failure in music contaminates my veins like a virus contaminates a cell then bursts forth in an explosion of corruption. Yet the most evasive parts of the project that I will be writing about today are the hardships of different schedules and my recently awful blogging due to a lack of knowledge.
     Jasmine probably has the most abounding schedule out of all the people I have met which jeopardizes our grade on this project, since I know nothing. Because I know nothing and my music source is Jasmine our grade is dependant on her so we have nothing done. Even our videos include a lonesome companionless teenage girl (me) because her partner is too busy to meet up with her! Even though I literally have no plans for any day and just flow with whatever comes it is not her fault I'm not learning, it is mine because I've been to dependant on jasmine. Like my mom always says don't trust anyone but yourself and your abilities, I've never believed in that saying because another carbonated life form has a different skill or ability that you do not have which could improve the situation. Yet I honestly have had so much free time in the past two weeks because teachers didn't give as much homework during AP testing, and I not having any AP classes have had a load of free time in which I had gone mad aka I became insane when I should have been researching music. So It was both our faults mine more so than hers that we might not get a good grade on this project. We will keep on trying to run into each others arms of knowledge until we will fulfill the goal we had sent out to do at the beginning of the twenty percent project.
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     Because of this lack of knowledge these blog posts have been especially hard to write because you cannot write what you don't know so I've been repeating myself constantly and there have only been about four to six blogs that we have needed to post in the past eight weeks. I feel like I'm wandering around an uncharted land blindfolded. Since I have not been taught or have tried to study online the subject of music I cannot share much knowledge with you on the topic at this moment. What I can tell you though group projects can be a lot of hard work especially when it's a long term project because there is so much time and so much denial because of other arrangements that you kind of put that project off to the side for a while. I'm sorry I failed myself, but I'm more sorry I failed you this semester . What I can tell you though is group projects can be a lot of hard work especially when it's a long term project because there is so much time and so much denial because of other arrangements so you kind of put that project off to the side for a while.

     In conclusion a lack of time on both Jasmine and my end has brought us on the road to failure as well as the fact that we live in different areas and my mom doesn't drive so the only place we can meet is in school. There is so little time yet it is so infinite; I often wonder how that is possible because our lives are just a spec on the never ending chart of time. Another problem that I know Jasmine and I as well as many other's have is procrastination and that is ok as long as the end result is worthy, but it may also brings many problems on your journey. I promise that next time I will teach you a skill in the art of music if jasmine and I just make time for each other so that I can learn or I will look something up and share it with you, but I learn better up front rather than from a blinding machine so I apologize in advance if I will  make an undeniably stupid mistake. Until next time hope you learned something and if not go try the helpful appropriate skill you've always wanted to know but never learned.


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