Thursday, May 7, 2015

       O joyous day how lovely it has been. I finally met up with Jasmine today and we studied the types of notes and the amount of beats they have, but that's not enough for a whole post so this week my post shall be three  paragraphs long. I will write about the types of notes in my second paragraph. I'm constantly wondering how it is that a person can do so many things at once while I can barely finish my homework under two to three hours because I'm so distracted by the technology around me, it's kind of crazy. I'm so preoccupied by something that is so meaningless and that is not only hurting my grade on this project, but also deciding my future lifestyle yet I never give into this year, messing up my life.
       There are quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, half notes and whole notes. Quarter notes are a black circle and they have a line going straight up from that filled in circle and are equal to one beat. Eighth notes also include a black circle and have a line going straight up from that filled in circle but they also have one tail and are equal the beats of half of that of a quarter notes. When eighth notes are paired there s a bar in between two of them which equals an and. Sixteenth notes once more has a black circle and they have a line going straight up, but they have two tails and are half of that of a sixteenth note. While sixteenth notes are grouped they are connected by two bars in between the notes. A half note has a white/ blank circle and a line going straight up from the white circle and is equal to two beats. A whole note just has a white circle and is equal to four beats.
In conclusion reading notes have not been as easy to learn as I thought it would be and has taken much longer than I thought because of Jasmine's busy schedule. So I hoped you learned something out of this blog post if not I'm sorry, but I'm just so limited in knowledge there is only so much  can write about. Good luck on your journey towards music an I hope you find a better teacher than me because I can teach you nothing, but this.

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