Thursday, April 16, 2015

Here Is What I Know

       I don't know much about music, but here goes. So far I have learned that all the notes lie on a staff which starts off with a treble clef and has a certain amount of beats to every measure so far the only song I learned was "Merely Roll along" and is four beats to a measure. I realize that each note is recognized by it's position on the graph and that each quarter rest is one beat of silence as well as each quarter beat is one beat of whatever not  is on the staff (time is everything).  I also learned that a violin has everything to do with the way you hold it. Your pinky touches the metal part at the very end then your next two fingers on the thickest wooden part on the bow then you put your pointer  finger on the higher part of the wood covered in rubber. You hold the violin by the stem at the very top near the area in which you tune the violin. The violin has four strings E A D and G. E creates the highest pitch, A is the second highest, D is the third highest and G creates the lowest pitch on the violin. The notes consist of A through G but non ofter and then they repeat. There are sharps and minors. To every Sharp a minor appears except between B and C as well as E and F. To give you a clearer picture A sharp is equal to B minor and so on. I also found out that there are many scales but I have learned none yet, but when I do I will teach. From this point on my blog posts will be a little off because I don't truly understand the concept of music.
       So the violin is a supposed complex instrument, but the beginning stages for me haven't been that hard especially since Jasmine is such a great teacher. So far I've learned how to play "Hot Cross Buns" and "Marly Roll Along".  Although these two songs are beginners songs it took me fifteen minutes to learn each song so thirty minutes in all. If you watch my youtube videos I hope that you will learn something about music. While the violin sounds beautiful no matter what song is played on it you need commitment and/ or talent to be able to play the violin or any instrument. It takes a lot of practice especially in the beginning and the beginning of the middle stages of learning because you are most likely clueless during that time ( like me now). Jasmine's blog as well as my youtube posts might be able to help you more than I can help you at this moment. Anyway my one hope is for you to be able to learn music by the end of this semester.
       In conclusion music is a complex object that cannot be tamed without practice much like studying and sports, but you need more devotion. The violin while told to be hard to play is not as scary as you would believe the only challenging part of playing the violin is learning how to position your fingers. While Jasmine and my attempt of trying to teach people music to play music might work it is best to take a free course at your school if that is available otherwise you can try to learn from us, but if you have read this blog and are interested please direct you friends to view our youtube channel because our goal is to have five views for each youtube video and we have none for any yet. Thank you!
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