Thursday, March 19, 2015

We started the twenty percent project. My Partner and my measurable objective is that We are going to create a YouTube channel where we are going to teach people how to play the violin and eventually compose our own song(s). Our goal is to have 5-10 viewers each week. We’re going to post 2 videos per week, and by the end, we will have  24 videos. When Jasmine and I thought about the project we realized that there would be many more challenges than we expected. Today I will talk about the hardship we had trying to find a mentor, learning how to compose, and the fact that I know nothing about music.
We tried to find a mentor because it was a requirement for the twenty% projects. Jasmine first asked the music teacher at our school even though she thought he was kind of mean. Either way in the end he rejected us. Then I tried asking a person only to be rejected. This week we told our english teacher that we had no mentor so he just told us to keep trying so we put our brains together and still couldn't think of anyone else that could or would help us. Then I suggested that she ask her elementary school teacher and since her past teacher’s son is in orchestra with her, she will ask him to ask his father if he could mentor them. If he says no then my mom knows a women that teaches violin and could possibly be our mentor, but if she says no we might need a few more ideas regarding mentors. Image result for violinist
I also literally know nothing about music and that is a major setback although our project’s main point is to teach others about music and how to play it. So it would be easier for those who know nothing about music to learn with me yet it does setback those who do know something about music. Anyway today Jasmine taught me the notes and where they are on my violin it was kind of funny because she knows very little about violin yet she plays five other instruments which is pretty amazing. She has had one dream all her life and that is to become a music teacher I just hope I don’t pose too much of a problem because it is pretty spectacular that she has known what she has wanted to do for this long and she is actually preparing for it which is something I admire since I have no clue as to what I will do when I’m older. I barely know what I want to do with my life now. I travel wherever the wind blows me like a passing breeze, that is what this project feels like to me because I have no clue as to where it is going I’m just following the lead that Jasmine has laid out for me and hopefully I will be domesticated just as did the wolf-dogs our scientific thought to be ancestors domesticated.
Neither Jasmine nor I know how to compose music. We will research it then we will teach it to you just as long as we have it moderately down first which may just decrease the amount of videos we will post on youtube. I've always liked to sing and write lyrics so when we have composing music fully accomplished Jasmine will add the tune of some of the instruments she knows how to play and I will write lyrics and maybe I’ll teach you how to write lyrics as well, but Jasmine and I haven't really discussed that yet. What we do know is that Jasmine and I will use these composing skills to help our friend Anissa create a music video for a part in her project. Music is the sound of nature when no one is listening, because all you have to do is listen to the noises around you to hear the music within your soul.
In conclusion Jasmine and I have our twenty percent project that is at this moment occurring. We will post youtube videos teaching you how to play the violin, how to compose your own music, but most importantly we will teach the basics of music because without that you can’t do a spec with any kind music. Hope you guys retain some knowledge or at least find enjoyment through the videos that we will post on youtube next time I’ll send you a link leading to that website on my blog or you could check out Jasmine's blog because she knows so much more than me regarding I bet if my blog could speak it would respond " Seems like just yesterday you were a part of me. I used to stand so tall. I used to be so strong. ... Now I can't breath. No I can't sleep. I'm barely hanging on."music. I also hope you start listening to your surroundings more often so that you can realize that music is all around you and it is true, all we do is imitate the sounds around us, nothing is an original even if we say we make it our own and that is true for everything not just music.  

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