Thursday, February 12, 2015

A new beginning

     In English we are starting a new project called the twenty percent project. This project forces us to go out into the world and pursue our passion; unfortunately, it also takes me away from my last topic and that tears me to pieces, but you know school I hope. So my passions believe it or not are writing and singing, but I never actually learned how to read music notes or how to sing through singing lessons or chorus or any other way. Often I sit in my living room because it is my bedroom and sing my thoughts and feelings out poetic nonsense, but to me it's my soul, it's my love, it's my second happiness( my first happiness being religion). In all honesty I'm not a very open person and if you have ever meet me you would know that I have trouble expressing myself, but my songs are my expressions towards the world whether it's my emotion toward another song or towards a major life crisis. At this moment my mom and I are going through a family problem and people at church are always asking me if I want to talk about it because they know from my mom, but I just can't; I haven't even told my dad about the issue my mom is going through yet. Anyway that's the reason music is so great you can let it all out. Every single year since I want to say first grade I've wanted to post YouTube video's of me singing but instead of seeing a dance or something crazy like that you would just see a blank canvas because I feel like you only need to use your ears to fully take in music. close your eyes and just listen. So many singers today got where they are because of a obscene reason like they are pretty or rich or maybe a former actor that wanted to change careers, but if you truly just listen to their voice/ musical instrument and the meaning of their lyrics you would realize that many famous music artists have little talent but just enough to reel you in and that doesn't mean that their talent is in music. Some music artists sicken me because they are so played out, everything is planned we are the chess pieces in their game and it's done so intricately that we don't realize the truth. Listen to the voice behind the falseness of their actions hear the truth! I am sad to say that I fell into obsession with one of the most played out singers ( Cody Simpson)  hate me now, but I loved the softness of his voice even though few self written songs were really shallow and he totally wrecked the meaningful songs the other people wrote but I still like his voice.

Later I found this YouTuber Danial Jang and I have to say o my goodness his violin playing is beautiful. It is sophisticated but fun at the same time although Jang uses notes from past written songs you can feel the emotion in his music. Anyway to sing you need to read notes so I have asked a few friends to teach me and I'll make many before videos and many after videos on youtube in every video I promise that the original songs will actually not be practiced in fact I won't even write down the lyrics beforehand. It will be improp two singing for fun and honesty! To make a song you need to play an instrument so I've asked a few friends to help me learn the violin I paid four hundred dollars for it  five years ago so I could eventually at the very end write music after my improp two singing videos to go along with the melody. To sum it up I will become a frequent youtuber when I have never made a youtube video on my own, sing my own improve songs when I have never learned how to sing, and learn how to play the violin when I don't yet know how to read music notes. Wish me good luck. Hope you listen because I will make a complete fool of myself, but at least someone will hear me and what I have to say in this world.        

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