Friday, January 9, 2015

until Next Semester Not Relevent

     Sadly this is my last blog post for this semester in school but never worry I will be back in about two maybe three weeks. Today I will be writing about my blogs because I am forced by my English teacher. If you haven't noticed the blogs titled not relevant are the ones that are forced on to me by my English teacher and this is one of them. This blog is supposed to be all about what I've learned from my blog and honestly I can say I have learned nothing. I've written about so much but I know so little. I would have to do more research before I can call myself an expert on this subject. I try to write all I can about a specific subject in each blog and yes I get knowledge out of that but do you? I'm not a genius nor will I ever be If anything I'm a complete idiot and I accept that. So this genius hour blog did not do much good but I believe that if I continued this blog for a while longer I could understand the issues in this world more also this blog helps me interact with real life. If anyone reads this blog may I ask if this helped you learn anything new. All I have been doing is giving you my side on a subject all I am is an opinion. Before this blog I had never even read the news and I feel that this contributes to my knowledge. Anyone else?. Many times I write this blog based on the experience I have with MUN at school or I base my MUN life with this blog either way they are intertwined so I feel without this blog my life will not collapse, but will become hollow with no emotion or knowledge. I'm a pretty lazy person and I've mentioned many a time but this blog is the one thing that I look forward to on Fridays and I really dislike Friday's.

        I kind of like a combination of all my posts although many might not like them but that's fine with me we all have our opinions after all. I know that I seem like I'm a hateful old curmudgeon because I'm always writing about how corrupt society is; the only reason I write about topics like these is I feel strongly about them. One of my friends RM often said I was "nice but evil" so naturally I asked why and he said "because your too nice in real life but evil in your writing" and I get it because many of my friends think the same. The reason I love this blog is it gives me a chance to escape falsity and truly express myself as is. That is the amazing thing about debating, when you truly feel a way about a specific subject and argue your side on it, it makes you feel amazing and at the very least others heard you. My main goal other than trying to get a grade for this blog is to get an audience and really get them to stand up for themselves because I never stand up for myself, I stand up for others. I regret being shy and I do something every year to try to stop that but I'm in way to deep to become an outgoing person I mean I do at times stand up for another if it's truly important or talk to a complete stranger due to the fact they seem truly sad but overall I have trouble talking to people in general. I know no one ever reads my blog but my English teacher that's why I'm so outgoing in this blog but I just want to hear someone's appropriate true thoughts on my blog one day. Hope prevails through all the darkness, life lesson never forget it! My favorite post this semester was first try / .
The reason this is my favorite blog is it is my first true blog post concerning a real life issue ( actually my first blog post was about isis and it was briliant with a twist ending but I deleted it five minutes after I wrote and I truly regret that because it was beyond  beautiful) when I wrote first try I finally realized that I want to write about the true evils of society and it was actually really fun to search as well as write and in every blog post I get to tackle two subjects at a time. Anyway I'm really glad that my english teacher told us to write our blogs I don't know what my life would be like without it. No one is truly a lost soul once they have found their true passion and God by their side. Love is brought on by truth, without truth there is no sanity. Ok so you have heard me talk for the day know it's your turn if you want or if there is anyone out there.

     In conclusion I love the genius hour blog post and I love my subject I would not change it for the world and I promise if we get to do the posts next semester I will have an interesting/surprising last blog of the year. I've learned so much yet I still know nothing. You? Anyway this was a fun blog hope the assignment does not end next semester and that my english teacher finally grades my blogs! Thank you for reading hope to write again soon. A few other tolerable blogs of mine are down below if you want to read them. You have to highlight the paragraphs on the third link because I didn't know how to fix that sorry.

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