Saturday, December 6, 2014

Republican VS. Democracy

    A monarchy! A monarchy I tell you, it will arrive once more! Familiarity that is what we count on especially in the hardest of times and this sometimes hurts our judgments. Presidential elections are coming in the year of 2016 and now is the time to decide who you want for president. Mitt romney, hillary Clinton, Jeb bush, and Martin O'malley. What do these names have in common? These candidates either have run before or have had family members that have run before. During the french revolution there was such thing as legitimacy which found royal blood to be brought back on the throne after napoleon lost to Russia. The US has done the same exact thing because all the people above are related to a past president's therefore they are of royal blood. It’s not that our systems corrupt it’s that people enjoy a familiar face even though sometimes they are not the best candidate. Today I will be writing about these candidates and compare them to each other. The main idea of this blog should be how a monarchy is once more being arisen in the US.
   A republic means that the supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives as well as having the people elect a president . two republicans in the paragraph above are Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.If you vote for Jeb Bush insanity has come upon you.I'm not saying that he is a bad person it's just that his name is so well known and he knows that so that is one thing that he uses to his advantage but don't let his name be the only reason that you don't vote for him. As shakespeare so eloquently wrote in his perverted play"Romeo and Juliet" "... that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." If thou dost not wot what that cullionly, shakespeare was trying to say a name dost not define who ye are. This is just a fact of life that all should live by. So before you vote for a living being look at their ideas befor you look at their name. Plagiarism is never allowed but Jeb Bush is plagiarizing off George W. Bush's campaign and it's being rewarded because he is one of the top choices! THINK! The New York Times stated "... the younger Mr. Bush seems to have defined himself as the anti-George W. Bush: an intellectual in search of new ideas, a serial consulter of outsiders who relishes animated debate and a probing manager who eagerly burrows into the bureaucratic details." Lies, Lies, Lies, if one speaks they should not lie or the truth will be discovered if not like George W. Bush than who like? Isn't J. Bush stealing G. Bush's campaign with a few moderations. Another problem With Jeb Bush is that he wants too much government in peoples lives and we are already being inconspicuously controlled by the government an excessive amount. Is Jeb Bush really worth losing what's left of our freedom? A good quality of Jeb Bush is that he has plenty of ideas and they are worth trying so why not!Mitt Romney is thought to be a bad idea because he lost to Obama in 2014 and could not make it through` the primaries in 2008. Romney actually would not be that bad of a candidate if he runs in 2016 election because he's life is based on improvement. A fact that is always true is that a failure that never gives up ends up ruling the world.I used to have a friend his name was Monsieur his brain's ability to absorb information and problem solve was amazing but he didn't really try and took that gift for granted so now he is in pretty low leveled classes. I dont know what my intellect level is but I'm pretty sure it's really low I used to be a failure in elementary school( yes I'm that dumb granted I didn't try much in academics at that time ( I also don't try that hard now but I do try harder than then) ) now by some miracle I learned from my failure and now I have better grades than he does. Mitt Romney couldn't even make the primaries in 2008 then made it in 2014 he might even win if he runs again because he keeps learning from his failures and he doesn't give up, those are good qualities in a person but in all honesty not such good qualities in a president because we can not afford failure! People give him a chance! I'm not saying vote for him because I told you too but because you believe in his issues. Why? I have to ask why do you not give one a chance based on their past the past should not hold back your future and by not letting Romney run you are holding him back because of his past. Desperate he feels about running but fear always holds us back and it's holding him back. People listen to the voice behind the words of a politician at times one can be deceived by the words but once you hear the voice behind it you understand the truth that the politician does not want you to know.

   Democracy means a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. The two democrats in the intro paragraph are Hillary clinton and Martin O'malley. Martin O'malley believes in limiting budget growth below inflation, civil marriage rights for all Marylanders, a shift from group preferences to economic empowerment of all, opposes same gender marriages, empowerment of women leaders, repeal the death penalty, reduce prison incarceration, Root out prison gangs and prison guard corruption, Repeal the death penalty, get additional funding to hire correctional and police officers, Baltimore recovered from open-air drug markets, Cutting $9.1B spending with no fee nor tax increases, stop unemployment which has been at an all time low for three years, believes in the Recovery & Reinvestment Act which creates jobs, wants the DREAM act to be passed, raising gas tax by 2% per year to rebuild infrastructure, and supporting trading emission permits for greenhouse gases.believes that We need the right kind of bankruptcy reform, we should personally lobby Congress against bankruptcy bill. Hillary believes in gay marriage, Medical marijuana now; wait-and-see on recreational pot,in Medical marijuana maybe ok states decide recreational use, investing $100B per year by 2020 for climate change mitigation, emphasizing an alliance with Japan first,idealistic realism: embody hybrid rather than categorizing, integrating with Latin America but focus on income inequality, ending the Cuban embargo which will shift onus to Castros, combine civil society & traditional diplomacy, distinguishing inherited problems from new ones & opportunities,letting china fit neatly into a category like friend or rival, getting China involved with North Korea diplomacy,embedding China within broader Asia strategy balancing American interests between China & Korea,politically restraining against Iran's Ahmadinejad was a mistake, working toward Arab Spring not being hijacked by extremists, taking a harder line with Russia's Putin, organizing women's peace conference in Northern Ireland,pushing Russia on press freedom because they've killed 20 journalists, organizing women's peace conference in Northern Ireland,putting eastern Europe in NATO keeps Putin from moving beyond Crimea, chief advocate for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which would create more growth and better growth, getting rid of discrimination, fighting obstacles to voting disguised as election fraud claims, that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime, putting resources towards Ebola because it won't stay confined, the NATO which is essential for evolving threats of the 21st century, and in Immigrants keeping America young and dynamic. Hillary Clinton has so many more ideas but she has so many i only added the ones creaed in 2014 and 2013

     Honestly I'm old fashioned even though at this moment I'm fifteen years of age so I would pick Martin O'malley. Martin has O'malley has some really great ideas he also seems like a strong man of morals and that is what I look for in a leader. A person with strong morals means that their whole life has been based on right rather wrong and that takes commitment and hard work. Who can say that they have never made a mistake in their whole entire life. If you answered no then that is another thing wrong with you try looking at your life from another person's perspective. We are all only human and thats not a sin but the degree in which you have done that mistake and whether you have repented and confessed or not that makes your action a sin or not. I bet that O'malley while yes full of sin because he is human repented and confessed therefore he might be honest for a change but don't listen to me because this is just a hypothesis I made through O'malley's thoughts on the issues. Hillary Clinton is honestly not that bad of a candidate and some people might think she is perfect for the role of president and she is in some ways but if you read her thoughts on the issues she changes her mind on some topics to make her seem more likeable with the common people. Also she seems a little more current in her ideas which I think is a little corrupt because I believe if you can change for society you can also change for money. Jeb Bush may be the worst candidate of all no explanations needed. The one good thing about J. Bush is that he is somewhat of an independent thinker. I can't really say anything about Romney because in all honesty he might not even run for president even though he wants to more than anything in the world I guess that means that the people decide whether Romney will run or not.

     So my point is that the ideas for most of these politicians are not that great and easily corruptible. I bet you that a third of Americans would have chosen one of these politicians without even reading their ideas on the topics because their names are familiar to so many and we are all lazy so people like to do as little as possible, I'm one of them also sorry if I offended the hard workers. The fact of the day is we are not really thinking about our government, open your eyes and see the truth! We are letting people run this world just because of their recognizable names and related blood. This is technically a monarchy because we get people based on their bloodline. I  dare all the voters to read all the issues of all the candidates rather than reading a few peoples issues because they have a recognizable name then pick who you think is the best candidate. If you don't want to listen to me because I'm only fifteen and you think since I'm that age I'm clueless ok it's your government that your corrupting. 

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