Saturday, November 1, 2014

Not Relevant

     I keep on asking people to comment on mine blog, but nay one dost. I write this blog both because I really ne'd thy constructive criticism and to answer questions. mine blog is a working progress and I understand that, but isn't life a working progress because nothing is ev'r good enough. Nothing is perfect but we keep on trying and that is the triumph of the human spirit, yea when something seems perfect thither is always cubiculo f'r improvement. I hope thou understand what I cullionly. I am going to be moo honest to thou and myself than I hast ev'r been 'ere. Hither is a list of mine many faults i'm distemperate, cullionly, a procrastinator, awful at school, and an blinking idiot overall, but I hope to improve these faults by the time I go to college and I will because everything is possible as long as thou try to achieve it. the reason i'm telling thou this is because I tri'd debating and If thou read mine post call'd  "mun paper" thou would wot that mine position paper was awful. 
     Mine first conference was in edison high school and I fail'd it. Everybody kept on telling me that it would be the hardest conference of the year, but 'twas mine only chance f'r 'twas the only time mine father was free. I went to the high school as dainty as usual and moo nervous than I hast ev'r been so I call'd mine cater-cousin CN to make sure I understood what to doth because she is moo experienc'd than me. Last year she went to edison and got a B but 'twas only her second conference. I went and I got an F, but 'twas only mine first conference and I had nev'r 'ere experienc'd the way a conference works. Mine first misprision at the conference was giving back mine ID necklace that stat'd I was senegal, mine second misprision was not talking during the unmoderat'd caucus while one of the chairs was by ( i actually talk'd when they wast not thither), mine third misprision was talking to quietly while giving mine speech, mine fourth misprision was trying to escape the subject in both mine first position paper and mine first speech, mine fifth misprision was speaking a dram bit of a different language in mine speech and then explaining it in mine second speech, mine sixth misprision was not speaking up throughout the whole entire speech, and mine seventh and last misprision was not commenting enough. 
     Hither is mine advise doth not do what I did. Honestly I just want to help thou, but this blog is a give and take relationship and so far thither hath been nay give on thy side. So prithee just comment yea if it's just to say that a section in the blog is bad 'r good and dilate wherefore 'r to actually interact with the blog because that would be wonderful. I just shar'd mine only experience debating and I was brutally honest when I couldst hast li'd and nay one would be the wiser. If this blog taught thou what not to doth then great if not I'm sorry. I am not that experienc'd in debating actually I'm not experienc'd at all and I warn'd thou that on mine first blog, thats also wherefore I really ne'd thou to comment. I'm not trying to sound emotional, but the sooth is that the whole reason that this blog was start'd is because I am trying to learn something new, an assignment f'r english and the only way I can doth that is if thou give me advise if thou would like. I bet that if thou actually comment'd I couldst hast avoid'd the whole mess at edison high school ( if thou had any pri'r knowledge that is), but 'tis mine fault after all. The honest sooth is that I don't want to mislead people so they don't fail and that's wherefore I want people that art moo experienc'd at debating then I to comment and not only that I want thy voice to be heard. This blog is not just mine, but yours too. 

     In conclusion mine first experience debating was not very well, but I don't mind because I get to learn from the mistakes I made and so doth thou, which actually turn'd it from the worst experience of mine life to the best experience of mine life. I am actually really happy telling thou complete strangers and mine english teachers the mistakes I doth in debating because thou get to learn from them. I only wish that thou would speak up in this blog because in some things thou understand moo about this subject and I really just don't want to mislead anyone. Like the picture says " Those who don't understand thy silence, will nev'r understand thy words" and I bet thats true. I bet so many of thou hast such inspirational words but thou nev'r speak and nay one understands thy silence so just speak up and thou will be heard ( just nothing inappropriate keep it at a pg level) because some of the audience is in elementry school and I wot that because I wot them. Doth NOT CORRUPT the MINDS of FUTURE AMERICA, HELP THEM!

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