Sunday, October 19, 2014


     A puppet on strings that is what we are. Debating is sometimes a way to express your ideas on a topic but political debating is a completely different story. Politicians use money, they lie, and cheat just to get their vote and we just bend at their every will. If you have ever thought about it most of what politicians say is a lie and the people against them catch those lies? Everybody has their own ideas but have you noticed how diverse they are? Also have you noticed that once a person is elected they almost always end up going against or not committing to their promises from before?

     Some people believe that politicians should not debate because they should not and can not be trusted. 
Many people have many different opinions and different outlooks on life. This doesn't make it lying and don't we have freedom of speech in america so shouldn't we exercise that. Herald from " the herald times" states " political debates cannot be allowed in this state because they can not interpret what they hear." There is an error in his writing and that is the fact that he is debating with the reader about debates between politicians. How do we know that we can trust him and that he is not just another drone of a politician? Debating is a two way street and this Herald is on a side but of whose side is he truly on? 

     Some of the worst scum on the earth use their own money to get people's votes. " The "Invisible Candidate," as he called her, has brought scores of billboards and thousands of TV spots, spending $18.2 million on attack ads through the end of September" stated by "The Herald Times." Some people honestly think that politicians are good people because some politicians are actually honest and good by nature but those candidates don't usually win. If you have read my last blog you should know that the government only cares for those who support it ( the rich ) and the others aren't getting nearly as many privileges when it comes to the law. Fellow readers and leaders our government is corrupt. The laws are wilfully bended for the rich and that goes for many countries not just the US. This is because they can pay the fines the the poor cannot. Also if you read my last blog or have prior knowledge you would know that China only allows the general public to have one child but for those who pay extra taxes the law is magically lifted so that you can have more than one child. The poor can't even have one child if it was unplanned. Does that seem fair to you? If you are still not convinced, refugee camps all over the world are forgotten by the countries that are hosting them. While yes they are foreigners they are still part of the lands they are in but since they are overpopulated and refugees can't vote to begin with governments abuse and forget these refugee camps. How would you feel if  you lived on a tiny piece of land with many other people, had no electricity, little to no food, given barely drinkable water, and are abused by those supposedly trying to protect you because this is the true unwritten meaning of being a refugee. While yes you think this will never be you, you must always be prepared you never know when the government will throw you out because you are different or because there is war. This brings me to another topic segregation.  Segregation means "the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart" therefore the corrupted officials as well as politicians are segregated because they are set apart from the general population.


    Political debates are used to serve the people not the politician. Shouldn't it be the other way around? " IN A PERFECT WORLD, debates exist not to serve the interests of individual candidates or their political parties. They are meant to serve the interests of the voter" stated by "The Herald Times". Some people actually think that a politician wins because they are good at what they do but in truth a politician wins because they are the best at deceiving. Political debates are almost always filled with lies that people will buy. I don't blame the public; I blame the politicians. We put our trust in people that can not be trusted. Political debates are forced on convincing you the public but think before you act. Here are some questions that you might ask yourself throughout the campaign. Do I have all the facts? Is what they are saying reasonable and can actually be achieved? Do they seem like the kind of person who can achieve the goal they set out to do? Can the person be trusted when it comes to make the right decision rather than the selfish decision? Is the person decisive? Can the person make a big decision without harming anyone and without regret? Will this person do what is right for their community? Most importantly is this person fair to all people? If the answer to all these questions is yes then you have as near perfect as a politician can be.

     In conclusion politicians are just overpaid actors and actresses.These politicians that we trust our  rights with are just greedy and corrupt 
They pay to attack others. HOw can we trust them if they are not even honest in their campaigns? Trust is the most important quality when thinking of a politician because they have your life in their hands and that should not be taken lightly. This blog was fun in the beginning but now in all seriousness I want you to think about the person who will soon take control of your life because we are just mere puppets to the person who is higher than us and if we have the power to chose that person shouldn't we chose wisely so that we are protected in the long run. Life is a circle and if we don't shape it to perfection it may just shift into a triangle where the points are in control rather then equal power between all. 

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