Sunday, October 5, 2014

First Try

      In the past three posts I have told you about writing a debate/ a Mission Viejo high school MUN paper. Today instead of giving you information on how to write the paper I will actually be writing the paper. My topic will be Dogs and death. I hope you will interact with this blog and maybe add a few facts or give me a counterargument that someone else would argue with and the chain goes on. I will write something similar to a debate paper/ MUN paper but I will also put my opinions in it which is actually illegal when writing a position paper so this is more speech like. I will skip the first part because as I have said before it isn't mandatory.

      As a needle drops poison into the bloodstream of a canine it cant help but let out one last cry for help. This is  actually considered normal. Have we no heart? It seems that the bases of human existence is tied in with death.  It's like murder has become a part in society. If you think about every generation has witnessed the blood of innocents pouring out of their bodies as we continue to fight on as if they never even existed. Well what about the thousands of dogs murdered everyday in the US. During the ice age Humans had just started to settle in America. Because the new communities left wastes that animals were attracted to the animals came to the communities. Wolves were one of those animals. As time went on we realized the wolves could be of use to us and the wolves most likely believed that we were of use to them also. Believe it or not domestic dogs were not created by us. These wolves actually tamed themselves because the would gain shelter, cooked food, a companion, and someone who would take care of them in bad times as long as they hunt for us. If you think about it they actually gained more out of us then we gained from them. Today people breed dogs but now most of us have no use for them. Dogs now overpopulate humans which causes the mass murder of dogs. The fact that we are killing animals just so we have more room in the world is morally wrong. Aren't we animals too? What if there was another creature who was killing us just so they would have more room on this earth. Think about it we are not only killing the animals. We are bringing pain to families, we are separating children from their families, and we are slaughtering those children.

     All countries kill dogs as well as other animals. Why do we believe that we can play a part in who or what gets to live or die. We are not God. We apparently think bloodshed solves all problems when in truth this just brings even more suffering. What if there wasn't enough room in this world for all us humans? Would we kill one another? Who would be brutally taken off this planet first? As you know China is overpopulated at this moment so adults can only have one child and the second would be killed. This gruesome law was made in 1979 but it was first enforced in 1971. Unfair is this law because the rich can and do go around it by paying social compensation fees. The poor however have their menstrual cycles and pelvic-exams tracked by planning officers. If a poor woman was pregnant with her little miracle but didn't plan it and can't pay the fee then they might be subjected to a forced abortion. So imagine if the whole world was this way but the earth was so populated that you could not even have one child. What would we do to lessen that number? Mass murder would be the only solution and us common people would be the first to go. Like the thousands of dogs that are being slaughtered right now we in this scenario would be killed as well. Why is this true? Honestly it's because the human race is corrupted and we only think of money. Also have you noticed that the poor are seen as weak in the eyes of the rich which makes us disappear in the governments eyes. This is true because the rich are actually the biggest supporters of the government and without them the government would disappear in a pool of financial troubles. We are as bad as these people because in our eyes these dogs are weak and can not fight us back we kill them just to have room. What will you think when a massacre occurs and we are the ones found dead ? Just as these dogs are being massacred today.
     I told you about my countries policy so I will just skip to solutions. An obvious solution is to stop breeding dogs so they do not overpopulate. Stop the killing and instead fix all the dogs so that they do not bare children. Stop the need to be in control and just let the world work the way it is. This topic has so many simple solutions so why don't we just surrender to them. Death surrounds us wherever we go and that won't change unless we take that first step and this, this is it. Be rave and start this chin reaction of life.

 In conclusion animal deaths are just the beginning of what society will turn into in the future . If we cant stop this now then we can not stop what will happen in the future. If overfilled graves of under aged corpses sounds good to you then don't do a thing it will happen. If you don't believe this is a good idea then join your hands with me and stop the murder that comes with society today. Why not rescue a dog rather then watch it die. Maybe you have seen the killing of innocents where ever you are and I don't mean just dogs I mean humans as well. Fight, fight for what is right and stop the pain, stop the heartache, and stop the killing of innocent souls. ( please feel free to comment and add to the information if you know something more to go with this article. Thank you.)

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