Friday, October 24, 2014

A Matter Of Opinion

    Fake it's all fake. A false worry is never true. Indifference is the one and only reason that someone would think an issue as serious as global warming is fake. The reasons that global warming is real are Climate change, the extinction/lack of animals, and the apparent increase of greenhouse gasses caused by toxins we use everyday. I have to question you; why is the human race so corrupt? Don't we realize that if we don't take action now the problem will increase and our chance of survival will decrease. Think of the Holocaust as an example. Because we were indifferent in the beginning the problem grew to the extent that we had to have a world war for it. Does that seem fair? We today are doing the same exact thing ladies and gentlemen we are indifferent to global warming but the difference here is that we can't have a war to stop it. Once it starts there is no reverse and no savior.

   Weather change is the most noticeable change in global warming. Even the NRDC is worried about the weather change. They predict that the extreme heat is going to dramatically put a decline on the water supply. They predict parts of the USA  like Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho,Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas will be hit with the brutal reality of the drought first. Shifts in precipitation and potential evapotranspiration or PET are causing the recent lack of water. PET is the sum of evaporative loss of water from the ground surface and transpiration losses through vegetation and is a calculated metric that represent evapotranspirative losses under idealized conditions. The NRDC predicts that the amount of rainfall will decrease from two to fifteen inches in the next thirty six years. In the Northeast, and South Atlantic there will be fifteen inch reduction of rain but the West will most likely only lose two inches of rain. With this lack of water what do you think will happen to agriculture? Water is necessity for all of us but because of global warming the human race may not survive much longer. I have a friend her name is KM and she once told me “ weather is weather and it changes this doesn't mean that it is caused by global warming.” We are being indifferent because of the slow rate at which the amount of water is declining. This is much like the indifference of people toward the Holocaust in the beginning. If you have ever read "Night" the autobiography of Elie wiesel you would know that even the people who were going to be executed were indifferent towards the massacres occurring in the concentration camps because of the slow rate at which it occurred. " The deportees were soon forgotten. A few days after they had gone, people were saying that they had arrived in Galicia, were working there, and were even satisfied with their lot." In the beginning Hitler only took a few to the concentration camps because of this people were so blind and indifferent to what was going on around them that they would convince themselves that the people deported were happy and working where they were allegedly deported. This is exactly the same reason that the people today are ignoring global warming, the slow rate at which it occurs.

“ Night” by elie weiselr
    People are always saying that animals have an innate sense and it must be true since they are trying to flee the heat caused by global warming but we as humans aren't doing a thing. We have this idea that we are the superior race and in some ways that is true but in this case we are not. At least the animals have the common sense to do what they can to protect themselves. As we all know trees are living things. The whitebark tree is one of the most important cultivars. The whitebark or Pinus flexilis provides a home for many animals like the iconic yellowstone grizzly and red squirrel. The reason that so many animals call this tree home is that it survives the harshest weather, some could even survive lightning strikes but did you know that it is struggling to survive the environment caused by global warming today. For those of you who don't believe in global warming and still don’t do you want me to come over to your house and slap you in the face ( sorry if I offended you ). Here is the truth for you people global warming is slowly and carefully attacking us until nothing and I mean nothing will be left. I have read many websites with the haters of global warming and all of them include the words “ global warming is not real”. This reminds me of the book “ Night” an autobiography by Elie wiesel once more. “ Through long days and nights, he went from one jewish house to another, telling the story of Malka, the young girl who had taken three days to die, and of tobias, the tailor, who had begged to be killed before his sons.... Mosh had changed. there was no longer any joy in his eyes. He no longer sang. He no longer talked to me of God or of the cabbala, but only of what he had seen. People refused not only to believe his stories, but even to listen to them.” People didn't accept the warnings of Moshe in “Night” much like the non believers of global warming don’t accept the warnings of people like researcher Bill Fraser who has tracked the decline of the Adélie penguins in Antarctica, where their numbers have fallen from 32,000 breeding pairs to 11,000 in 30 years, some butterflies, foxes, and alpine plants have moved farther north or to higher cooler areas, and Spruce bark beetles have boomed in Alaska because of 20 years of warm summers. These insects have chewed up 4 million acres of spruce trees as well as many other kinds of trees. As you may know a lack of trees also means a lack of oxygen, carbon dioxide, clean air, water, paper, wood based furniture as well as new houses,medicine like L-Dopa for treating Parkinson's Disease, film in your camera and so much more. I found this really amazing website and there is a picture that will amaze you on the last page.
    The apparent increase of greenhouse gases is the last clue that global warming is occurring. There are many greenhouse gases like  carbon dioxide , methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons and ozone. As we all know greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere. Although we can cope with the heat now we can only deal with so much. There might be a time in which people can't even go outside without being burnt. What are you going to do about it ? Save our future! Carbon dioxide is the most emitted greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide is emitted by fossil fuels used by us for electricity, to heating buildings, using fossil fuels to run vehicles, cutting down and burning vegetation, and for some industrial and manufacturing processes. Methane comes from raising stock like sheep and cows because they release methane when digesting food and when their stool decays, when landfills break down, producing and transporting natural gas, and mining coal. Nitrous oxide is produced by nitrogen added in soil, burning fossil fuel, and through some industrial and manufacturing processes.This reminds me of the burning furnace in the autobiography “ Night” by Elie Weisel. "Look at the fire! Look at the flames! Flames everywhere…" but there was no fire so the police gagged her and beat her time and time again. In the end when they finally saw the concentration camp, there was a furnace of fire letting out methan gas right in front of them.The woman was trying to warn the rest of the jews because she knew just as I am trying to warn you now so I also say F I R E.
“Night” by Elie Weisel
    In conclusion global warming is real.”But people not only refused to believe his tales, they refused to listen. Some even insinuated that he only wanted their pity, that he was imagining things. Others flatly said that he had gone mad.” This is another quote from the autobiography “ Night”. In the beginning of the holocaust was slow but as it became more serious people started to listen. By the time we actually started doing something about it, it was too late because thousands of people had been massacred. Are you going to let the same thing happen to you? If you don’t do a thing to stop global warming then it might happen, the only difference is that there is no reverse. So take a stand and start helping out this environment so the future people will not be killed by this but rather live in an environment of peace.




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