Sunday, September 14, 2014

The skillful art

Everybody has debated wether they know it or not because debating is just a different way of saying a planned out argument
If I could learn anything in school it would be debating. There are so many types of speeches and even more of writing. If you are interested in writing, researching, and speaking then debating is the love of your life, congratulations.
 There are many steps in writing the right paper for a speech. Today I will be telling you about what you write in the first two paragraphs. As we go along I will add on to this until this website has all the instructions. The first paragraph should be all about the countries  profile. This paragraph includes the official name of the country, the physical geography, the general climate, how many kilometers or miles the location is, and an understanding of the location it is on the map. The second paragraph is about the political geography featuring the area of your topic. You need to write about the capital,the international organization affiliations, the size of armed forces, and know all about the government and the people in it.
      Everybody writes in a diffrent way pushing towards one emotion. A person can be an imaginative writer which is when you put the readers shoes in place of the charecter in your informational story. You could also be a factual writer. A factual writer uses all facts to convince someone to be on their side of the issue. 
      In conclusion there are many factors that go into a debate. The writing alone is a handful of work but if you make it your own in a way debating can be very fun. I hope you enjoyed this artical. Until next time. ( please feel free to comment and add to the information if you know something more to go with this artical. Thank you)

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