Saturday, September 20, 2014

Once Again

     Last time I started telling you about how you should write a paper that is based on debating. Well once again here I am with the same exact topic. I hope you take this into your heart and truly understand this topic with me. Remember we're in this together.
     After political geography you should write about the cultural geography. Speak about the language, the major religions, ethnic groups, also write about the population growth rate and the population distribution. In the cultural geography section you may also add the major cities, mortality rate, life expectancy, and what the majority of the public does for a living.
     Next you should write about the economic geography. Write about the percent of land that is usable for agriculture, what are the major industrial products, write about the major imports and exports, what is their currency, what is the balance of trade, and what are some historical events that relate with your topic. Remember don't actually have to add every single thing; just add what is important and what relates with your topic. This rule only applies for the first four parts. That I have mentioned before. The instructions that come next you have to include ( NO EXCEPTIONS! ). 

     You should next talk about the background of your topic. In this paragraph talk about the people directly involved, why is your  topic is a problem in the world, and like I said above talk about the historical background. This paragraph and the ones I will talk about later in my next blogs are mandatory to write about.
      I hope that this blog has taught you something. Remember the geography and history that goes along with your topic is very important. You also need to understand that the best papers come from topics you feel strongly about. Do not fear pouring your heart out on to your paper as long as you have the facts to support it. 
( please feel free to comment and add to the information if you know something more to go with this article. Thank you.)



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  1. Hello! I think your blog has a lot of potential to be great; I know that me and some other people will need help with essays in History in the future :P but I didn't really get anything from reading your blog. Just from looking at the paper you linked for 30 seconds gave me a better understanding of how to write a debate/speech then from reading your blog! If you put a little more effort into your paragraphs, and don't put meaningless pictures every three sentences, your blog will be really helpful!