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     In the last blogs I talked to you about how to write a debate paper. The last two blogs were actually related in par one which as I'v mentioned before are not that important to add. Unless you are turning this paper into an MUN teacher at Mission Viejo high school  you don't need part one ! Today I'm going to write about part two, three, and four which are background, the United Nations involvement, and what are your counties policies and actions toward your issue.

      I talked about the background in the last post but this time I'm going to try to define it more clearly. The firs thing you need in background is the historical background. When did the issue first start, where did the issue first start, how did the issue start, what are some historical topics that relate with yours, how is the issue different now rather then when it first started these and so many other questions are what you should be answering in background. Next you should write about the people that are directly involved with your topic remember be specific. Write about why your issue is a problem in the world as the last part of background. In the last part maybe write about how your issue effects people involved, how your topic effects your country, how your topic possibly effects your government as well as other's, etc. Here is an example below. Pain that can not be stopped, heartache, organ failure, and people screaming as blood discharges out of their bodies are all symptoms caused by a disease that first showed up in 1976. Ebola has only been around for  forty seven years but it has killed so many. In those forty seven years no one has been able to find a cure. In the first case of Ebola virus over two hundred and forty people were infected at a mortality rate of fifty three percent. In the second case over three hundred and fourteen people were infected at a mortality rate of eighty eight percent. There were other cases but non of which were as sever as these until today. Today the Ebola virus has struck once more in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. six thousand souls have left this earth thus far. Ebola is a problem in the world because it brutally takes peoples lives so that their last breath taken on earth will be in pain and suffering. So many people die and there is yet to be a cure. Forty seven years an incurable disease. How many more people need to die before the human race realizes that our fate is inevitable if a cure is never found.
YouTube video below
     Part three is about the United Nations involvement. In this part you need to write about how the United Nations got involved, what are the organizations, committees, agencies or NGOs involved; don't be afraid to add the backgrounds of the organizations involved. What are the UN's actions (resolutions passed, committees set-up, organizations established, peacekeeping forces, etc.). Here is an example again using Ebola. The organizations involved are WHO, UNMEER, FAO, and GHSA. There are also forty countries ( involved with GHSA) playing into the equation of concern. WHO first found out about Ebola on March 23, 2014 and on August 8, 2014 Ebola was considered a national epidemic. Obviously Cutting off trafficking is the only prevention but WHO thinks that there needs to be no travel or trade restrictions except in cases where individuals have been confirmed or are suspected of being infected  . Many organizations like WHO are sending some of their own to cure or at least prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of the population. The National Institute of Biomedical Research has made a mobile laboratory it is now fully functioning in Lokolia. A team of national and international specialists that are now located in  Watsi Kengo, Lokolia, Boende, and Boende Muke are trying to cure patients in isolation units. To support The National Institute of Biomedical Research the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention arrived in DRC and brought two laboratory epidemiologists. I'm apologize for adding my own voice here but if WHO knew about Ebola in march 23,2014 then why didn't they do anything about it then. If there is a disease that has no cure and is very infectious shouldn't we tackle when it first starts so that less people would be infected in the future.
  Here is a video about healthy ageing from WHO.

    In the last part of your paper write about your countries policy and actions towards the issue. write about your county's involvement with the topic, what is your countries position on the topic, what actions has your county taken to solve the problem, and possible solutions that your country plans to propose. Let's say that my country is The United States and my issue is once more Ebola. The united states is against Ebola just as every other country is because Ebola is a death toll that can't be stopped. America has sent some of their own to help the suffering patients. Three workers have actually gotten infected. Obama has Unbelievably flown DR. Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol Back to America to find a cure. While yes this is an honorable effort. Ebola could spread in cause of these two being here. Is it Truly worth it?


  In conclusion writing a debate/ Mission Viejo high school MUN paper takes a lot of time and effort. If your thinking about joining MUN or do something related to this as your career make sure that you know what your getting into. As for the Ebola virus it's causing pain and suffering to so many. We are not nearly advanced to treat this agonizing virus. The fact that the US has brought two people with the Ebola virus here could mean That you shouldn't get attached to the people around for they may perish in a mess that no one can clean. ( please feel free to comment and add to the information if you know something more to go with this article. Thank you.)


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